Here we inform about all NEWS and we keep fingers crossed that we can inform about GOOD NEWS (anyone)   

May 23rd: medicine (diabetes/kidney) run out May 25th – life danger – prime minister, minister for welfare, …. down to mayor Huegele CDU [link], local chief Kopfmann UBM [link], muncipal informed – NO aid, NO phone – disabled will killed [Link to pdf – mixed UK/German]

Pope Francis and German church, Caritas informed – NO aid, NO phone – disabled will killed by church/Caritas – informed that church/Caritas has taken last money of Bruno (2,60 €) an May 13 – promised bring food for it same day or next day – meanwhile NO food, NO money back, NO phone – archbishop/Caritas informed – NO phone – so we have to recognize:church/caritas have stoolen last money or e.g. his last 2 pound bread [Link to pdf – mixed UK/German]


May 15th Letter to Pope Francis – cry for shelter and life and that he stop his member of diocesan Freiburg/Black Forest and central comittee of Catholics Winfried Kretschmann (prime minister and German host of Pope Benedict XVI. [pdf – pope allow execution]

copy to his German Nuncio Eterovic, archbishop Zollitsch (CEO of all bishops – retired April), bishop Uhl (Caritas)

May 14th Diabetic- Kidney medicine run out on May 25th. – informed and claimed for aid, support, counselling – all bureauKrauts – prime minister Kretschmann, other minister, public authorities, incl. mayor of March Mr Huegele, local chief Mr. Kopfmann, and complete muncipal – all ignore and send Bruno to death = crimes against humanity, again! [pdf – in German – Kretschmann ausgehende Medikamente Notlage Mittellosigkeit]

May 12th construction ended – we publish page – thank you for support and criticism

56   united we conquer

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