Kretschmann, The Master Butcher

06122013 black forest butcher02 60pt political prisoner incarcarated without daylight 30112013 Kretschmann prime minister whiteWinfried Kretschmann (Green Party)

  • prime minister of BloodyBlack Forest (Baden-Wuerttemberg/Germany)
  • member of Diocesan council of archbishopric of Freiburg/Black Forest*
  • member of central committee of Catholics*
  • German host of Pope Benedict*
    (left pic archbishop Zollitsch between Pope and PM Kretschmann – pic serie HERE by ministry of state and ©)
  • Protect by the Pope, Vatican and church*
  • commander of execution and murderer of Bruno and criminal against humanity
  • perjurer: his oath of office: ‘I swear that I will dedicate my efforts to the benefit of the people, promote their welfare, protect them from harm, uphold and defend Constitution and law, perform my duties conscientiously, and do justice to all. So help me God. (Article 48 of State Constitution)’
  • Medical officer abused his position for maltreatment by order of Kretschmann – phoned to create a report to leaglize incapacitation and refused medical treatment, and didn’t even inform welfare and lied and disappeared – same kind of doctor like III.
  • commanded Incommunicado detention in darkness – NO cancer protection = NO daylight, stay in darkness
  • legalized euthanasia – refusal of food, diabetic & kidney medicine due his public authorities is neither attempt murder nor any other crime – 2014 he was informed again about lack and refusal of diabetic/kidney medicine and did nothing = euthanasia! (After weeks a charity went four times to doctor and pharmacy and paid the recipe fee thank you (Bruno gave money meanwhile back))
  • The GREEN Duce or The GREEN Beast or The GREEN Racist or The GREEN Monster against Humanity? (no green colour, according, the official colour of III. REICH)
  • his government director / lawyer this to command all ‘what should I do if the Kretschmann does nothing‘ to legalize his own denial of fundamental rights and  Kretschmann we are definitely informed
  • illegal imprisonment (without a warrant), deportation, suspension on behalf of a politician and he refuse investigation
  • no access to justice (UN CRPD) and no assigning a lawyer (according UN CRPD = German Federal Law)
  • Fear this question: Have you Mr. Winfried Kretschmann (member of diocesan council, member of Central Committee of the Catholics, our brother in faith, host of Pope Benedict XVI., prime minister of Baden-Wuerttemberg and your involved, informed colleagues and employees, government, ministry, etc., for Mr. Bruno Schillinger; Bachstrasse 1, 79232 March, acted according to FAITH, social laws, state constitution of Baden-Wuerttemberg, constitution, human rights, UN Disability Convention (German Federal Law) – Yes or No?
  • Methods like in III. Reich, Nazi era: _trial gaelic today Bild1
  • Q: pm = prime minister or person malignant?

We demand public investigation and compliance with Constitution, Human Rights, UN CRPD (German Federal Law). [LAWS]

Our clearing offer ‘all on and all at table‘ is ignored since years!

Links to [Prime Minister] + [Ministry of State] + [Kretschmann private] + [Green Party Black Forest] + [church choir] + [gun club/champion shooter] + [member of Diocesan Council] + [] + []

 *certainly we asked, begged for health & life of Bruno by Pope Francis I. his German Nuncio archbishop Eterovic and archbishop Zollitsch (Archbishopric of Freiburg and Chairman of the Bishop’s Conference) –  – no answer! They shelter their murdering, slaugthering Diocesan Kretschmann! [site]


Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann GREEN PARTY

Ministry of State of Black Forest/Baden-Wuerttemberg

Richard-Wagner-Strasse 15 * 70184 Stuttgart Germany

ph. 0049(0)711-2153-231 (personal secretary, Mrs. Schoenberg) – ph. 0049(0)711-2153-0 (switchboard)

Fax: 0049 (0)711 – 2153-340 (-480 his speaker -221/-501 secretaries)  * (press) (personally)

Constituency and party office GREEN  Fax 0049(0)711–2063-660 /-299 * *

Bild von Kretschmann © by Staatsministerium von Baden-Wuerttemberg by link

His village..… * local clubs *

his shooting club *

his church choir * (Ehrungen/honours) *

* An extrajudicial killing is the killing of a person by governmental authorities without the sanction of any judicial proceeding or legal process. Extrajudicial punishments are by their nature unlawful, since they bypass the due process of the legal jurisdiction in which they occur. Extrajudicial killings often target leading political, trade union, dissident, religious, and social figures and may be carried out by the state government or other state authorities like the armed forces and police.  *

Eine extralegale Hinrichtung (en: extra-judicial execution) ist eine willkürliche und vorsätzliche Tötung eines Menschen, meistens ausgeführt auf Anordnung, unter Beteiligung oder mit Duldung von Regierungen, ohne dass ein ordentliches Gericht eine Todesstrafe verhängt oder die Hinrichtung angeordnet hat.[1] Deshalb wird diese Form der Tötung eines oder mehrerer Menschen auch oft als außergerichtliche Hinrichtung bezeichnet. Aufgrund der weltweiten Ächtung dieser Form von politischem Mord haben die Vereinten Nationen schon 1982 einen Berichterstatter zu extralegalen, summarischen und willkürlichen Hinrichtungen ernannt.

An extrajudicial execution  is a deliberate and arbitrary killing of a person, usually on the orders, with the participation or acquiescence of governments, without a proper court has imposed a death penalty or ordered the execution [1]. Therefore, this form of killing one or more people is often referred to as extra-judicial execution. Due to the global ban on this form of political murder, the United Nations appointed in 1982 a rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary and arbitrary executions.


United Nations Human Rights – Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions


united we conquer


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