BLOODYBlack Forest, were Euthanasia IV. startedbbf mb green frame

detailed murderer list [LINK]

BloodyBlack Forest State Government

06122013 black forest butcher02 60pt political prisoner incarcarated without daylight 30112013 Kretschmann prime minister white GESUCHT WEGEN VERBRECHEN GEGEN DIE MENSCHLICHKEIT GREEN BUTCHER FINAL 300dpi_2

_trial  prisoner 30112013 Altpeter minister of welfare _trial  prisoner 30112013 Gall minister of interior white _trial hangman political prisoner 30112013 Stickelberger minister of justice Oath of office: ‘I swear that I will dedicate my efforts to the benefit of the people, promote their welfare, protect them from harm, uphold and defend Constitution and law, perform my duties conscientiously, and do justice to all. So help me God. (Article 48 of State Constitution)’ = all are highly, tax paid perjurer!


some examples

Prisoner in the darkV01 150dp_1 Prisoner in the darkV01 150dp_2 base02Englishnumbers

BloodyBlack Forest State Parliament

_trail hangmen 03 30112013 state parliament ALL MP accept refusal of food, diabetic medicine due own public authorities is neither attempt murder, nor any other crime – so ALL started the new euthanasia after III. REICH (Nazi era) – some MPs threatened Bruno.

EVERY MP has the possibility to ask government, minister and they had to answer in max. 3 (three) weeks. So all was investigated, solved, when the MP did their duty and ask:

Have you Mr. Winfried Kretschmann prime minister of Baden-Wuerttemberg and your involved, informed colleagues and employees, ministry, etc., for Mr. Bruno Schillinger; Bachstrasse 1, 79232 March, acted according to social laws, state constitution of Baden-Wuerttemberg, constitution, human rights, UN Disability Convention (German Federal Law) – Yes or No? MP main page [LINK] all with pic [LINK]

Federal Attorney Mr. Range [LINK] give no answer and refuse German Constitution & Human Rights

BloodyBlack Forest State Attorney Mr. Schlosser [LINK] give no answer and refuse State and German Constitution & Human Rights

Prosecutors must follow the orders / instructions of politicians. These commands can given verbally, must NOT be given in written form. Politics & Justice has learned from the war crimes trials in Nuernberg. Germany = special law area, against humanity! Each officer, … has made ​the oath of office to German Constitution and Human Rights and know that they can make a complaint against seeking order and commander and has to do it!

Local police refused to take complaints (CRIME) and explained loud laughing, that he doesn’t need take complaints, because attorney will generally close the case, write you a letter and when you don’t protest all is closed and you can’t protest – the policeman exactly know about eye damage, no reading loud machine, no support and so he doing and support new crimes. Accepted, legalized by chief of police Mr. Rotzinger [chief no direct link, not even about search function & police headquarter – press portal] and prime minister Kretschmann.

Besides as another policeman started investigation of refusal take complaints against his colleague, he disappeared – no call again and later the accused policeman phoned (laughing) that their is NO policeman with such name. as chief of police said. Interesting is that their is such a policeman and the call came from police station. But no one is interested to find the truth! Each letter to authority, attorney,etc. contain:

We ask , as always, by telephone confirmation of receipt plus file number !

Please only phone/call 0049(0)7665-930450 with Bruno Schillinger. Because he can’t read itself at present by the ill-treatment by ARGE / District Office/ Social Court and we are not on site! The authorities denied any assistance, no reading loud machine, or any counselling!

Other points / details Mr. Schillinger want to explain to the transcript – which is so far denied him . We are forced to repeat this again .

NO attorney never phoned/contacted Bruno Schillinger – they refused ‘access to Justice‘ (UN CRPD=German Federal Law) and proofed that they criminals!

Regional Council

06122013 black forest hangmen prisoner 30112013 Regional Council Regional Council is the supervisory authority of District Office ‘if you have no food, go to food bank‘ – and refuse human rights ‘what shall I do, if Kretschmann does nothing?‘ confirm with this sentence the criminal command to euthanasia by government.. All SAY ‘it was right (I asked the staff)’ they don’t say ‘legal’ or  write or explain to Bruno face to face. Above ‘legal’ said Dr. Martin Luther King

‘Never forget that everything Hitler did in Germany was legal’

District Council of BloodyBlack Forest

_trial prisoner 30112013 County council

District Council is supervisory authority of Jobcentre Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald and Village March and has to support poor, disabled,….

leaded by Mrs. Stoerr-Ritter CDU [LINK & Wiki] – same party like mayor or the dubious politician – she is hiding behind desk, we often claimed for investigation and their responsibility, but it is easier to murder human behind save desk and not see in eyes. They accept e.g. suppression of documents (criminal code §247 up to 5 years jail).

ALL members of this district council are informed (fax/E-Mail) and did nothing = support murder, euthanasia, crimes against humanity

Besides this is obstruction of justice too, and they know it – staff list [LINK]

Jobcentre Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald

All started here – they blocked new job – confirmed this crime in own report and NO supervisor did anything!Later we found that the dubious politician is in this office and this was solution ‘no work, no wages, no money for lawyer and investigation, the death of Bruno’s father will not cleared and politician/bureaukraut will get his pension (tax paid)’ Short time after we found out this and that he used office for politic work, he was send to early retirement, incl. Jobcentre CEO. But no one asked Bruno for information about other crimes or started counselling,……

Village MARCH – where Bruno is murdered by mayor Mr. Huegele CDU, local chief Mr. Kopfmann UBM and complete parish & local council. All were informed often and all did NOTHING, so Village March = Bloody March or MM (Murderer March)March25us no human rights disabled free zone killed sod off or hang Digression: Another example against democracy and humanity in March

2014 at last, a Nazi Swastika at the family monument was removed – after many years of protest and press reports, the owner of monument, the Grandson and Member of Federal Parliament for the CDU, finally allowed to remove this untold symbol. [Press LINK asap (at moment in closed area at press – search for March Neuershausen Hakenkreuz Friedhof Deutschland] local press 2012 – 2013 – 2014 (in German)

The inhuman, murdering, Nazi-Regime was stopped on May 08. 1945 – but did you konw that most judges, bueraukrauts, …. weren’t denazified?

A.L.L. A.R.E.bbf mb green frame

A.N.D. A.L.L. W.O.R.K. A.G.A.I.N.S.T. H.U.M.A.N.I.T.Y.Human Rights Dungeon http frame

ATTENTION – all information are archived since years on sites below – including names and without any protest of named person, claimed crimes against humanity

detailed information see this pages [LINK] http://crimeagainsthumanityingermany.wordpress.com/the-murderer-of-bruno/ or about his village [LINK] http://5jahrehartz4.wordpress.com/march-mordet/ (German) this execution and crimes against humanity by own member of Diocesan council of archbishopric of Freiburg and member of central committee Mr. Kretschmann

Ministerpräsident – Diözesanrat – Kirchenchorsänger – ZdK Mitglied – Gastgeber Papst Winfried Kretschmann (B90/Grüne)

Persönlich – LEBENSWICHTIG – HILFSTERMIN S.O.F.O.R.T. Offener Brief


Staatsministerium Baden-Württemberg Richard-Wagner-Str. 15   70184 Stuttgart   Fax 0049(0)711/2153-/501/340/480/221, 0049(0)711-2063-660 /299            Seiten 6

Und die Mörder von Bruno Schillinger & Verbrecher gegen die Menschlichkeit – durch Schweigen!

Zur Information und Aufforderung Soforthilfe zu leisten und die Menschenrechte zu schützen!

For information and invitation to provide immediate relief and to protect the human rights!

Sozialministerium BW       Ministerin Katrin Altpeter SPD Schellingstraße 15        70174 Stuttgart Fax 0049(0)711-123-3999 (VZ 3992) 0049(0)711-123-3986 (Bürgerbeauftragter Schaefer)

Justizministerium Baden- Württemberg            Justizminister Rainer Stickelberger SPD Schillerplatz 4   70173 Stuttgart Tel. 0049(0)711 / 279-0 Fax: 0049(0)711 / 279-2264

Innenministeriums Baden-Württemberg           Innenminister Reinhold Gall SPD Dorotheenstraße 6        70173 Stuttgart             Tel. 0711/231-4 Fax 0711-231-5000

Regierungspraesidentin Baerbel Schaefer Regierungspraesidium Freiburg              Fax 0049(0)761-208-394200 – secretary 0049(0)761-208-1006

Landrätin Dorothea Stoerr-Ritter CDU Stadtstraße 2 79098 Freiburg  Fax 0049(0)761-2187-78001 und 9999

Jobcenter Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald Lehener Str. 79 79106 Freiburg per Fax  0049(0)761-20269190 (AA FR 0049(0)761-2710-499)

Village March Mayor Huegele CDU – Local Chief of Holzhausen Kopfmann UBM Rathaus Fax 0049(0)7665-422-9099

And of any , person who is informed, involved in each authority , etc!

Und an jede informierte, beteiligte Person in jeder Behörde, usw.!

united we conquer


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