BrunoSkinBeforeStartBruno Schillinger

  • nationality, religion: human, just human
  • Politically persecuted and political Prisoner in his small, single room without daylight, enough food, medicine, medical treatment
  • Disabled due public authority & politician
  • will fight for truth, humanity, his life

Why is Bruno executed? He wanted to investigate the dubious death of his father and the entanglements of a politician! The politician did not inform family about agony, had time to take € 33.000  from account of dying – cash and the father died without any cent in hospital, no money for coffee, no for tv, no for phone,… unbelievable!

Before Bruno was arrested (without warrant),, kidnapped, suspended by order of same CDU politician. Besides, which was in same public authority which blocked, destroyed very good job offers (no job, no money for investigation about father’s death) and confirmed all in own report! Stupid and a crime, but no one started an investigation!

Unbelievable? all is archived online since years and including names – without any protest! Would any coma be wrong, the criminals against humanity had send special judicial forces!

Contact: Bruno Schillinger Bachstrasse 1 D-79232 March-Holzhausen (Germany) ph +49(0)7665-930450 (GMT+1)

ATT their is no one who can read letter so best way is: Please only phone/call 0049(0)7665-930450 with Bruno Schillinger. Because he can’t read itself at present by the ill-treatment by ARGE / District Office/ Social Court and we are not on site! The authorities denied any assistance, no reading loud machine, or any counselling!

Village MARCH – where he is murdered incl. mayor Mr. Huegele CDU, local chief Mr. Kopfmann UBM and complete parish & local council.  All were informed often and all did NOTHING, so Village March = Bloody March or MM (Murderer March)March25us no human rights disabled free zone killed sod off or hang bbf mb green frame

A.G.A.I.N.S.T.Human Rights Dungeon http frame

* educated professions: electrician and IT from Assembler to speech recognition (wide range)

* why life? Feb. 2013 doctor said ‘your ship is sailed in five years’ due kidney damage, caused by politician – no aid, social aid nor human rights nor humanity by public authority, politicians,…… all wait until he perished to close case! They handle against Federal Constitutional Court e.g. the authority has to guarantee/check personal needing, like medicine,….. but they do nothing. e.g. Bruno would need medicine for min. 400,- €/month.

*why humanity? the criminals against human rights hope that all is closed if they murdered Bruno – we seek an international lawyer to support the claim for compensation of pain and death of Bruno to a new charity founded by/assigned to Bruno!

comment from retired lawyer ‘You’ll never find a lawyer in Black Forest and if you find one, lawyer will work for criminals/government‘ (happened – lawyer first meeting o.k., said right words, right scheme – second: spook like government, incapacitation that will make easier for him to work and so on – besides he is in same party SPD like minister for welfare of Black Forest. Either starve or incapacitation (die a bit later)!

Generally, all refuse UN CRPD and ‘access to justice‘ – offering incapacitation is a crime!

* why truth? Torture started when he tried to investigate the death of his father and the involvement of dubious politician (CDU) – more information in ‘WANTED’ pic below – the hangman Mr. Kretschmann!


some pic’s to his health

Bruno health hardcopy Bruno health Easter 2014 skin cancer

diabetic (not under control) blood pressure 180/110 Forestier teeth skin – no daylight, no cancer protection – with protection MAX 30 minutes DAYlight allowed/daily eye kidney – ‘your ship is sailed in five years‘ doctor Feb. 2013 hearth problems (familiar)


meetings? certainly we offered a lot of meeting ‘all at one and all on table‘ to clarify ALL, were ignored, e.g. our condition emergency aid and competent interlocutor: ‘we have no one – where should we take them?‘ Mr. Schroff chief officer ‘department for people with disabilities‘ *


Public authority are informed about eye damage since September 2009 – no aid, no reading loud machine, no information, no fare to doctor.

Opticians promised – 6/9 months = stable health values and he will fit ​​matching glasses


Again we declare: Bruno has never und will never refuse true aid – but he will not accept blackmail by public authority/politician e.g. if you go to your torturer we think about support or about (embezzled) request. Bruno has only his dignity and will not give up it. We know that he never will get any aid and all wait for death.

Bruno ‘I WANT TO LIVE!’ and every human should join ‘Bruno may not die by government order and Pope Francis / church may not shelter his murderers!


An extrajudicial killing is the killing of a person by governmental authorities without the sanction of any judicial proceeding or legal process. Extrajudicial punishments are by their nature unlawful, since they bypass the due process of the legal jurisdiction in which they occur. Extrajudicial killings often target leading political, trade union, dissident, religious, and social figures and may be carried out by the state government or other state authorities like the armed forces and police. (by WikiPedia)


United Nations Human Rights – Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions GESUCHT WEGEN VERBRECHEN GEGEN DIE MENSCHLICHKEIT GREEN BUTCHER grey FINAL 300dpi_2


further details here (English/German) direct to his murderer and here (German)

don’t forget – all is archived since years, including names and WITHOUT any protest – would jsut a coma be wrong, the hangmen had send the special forces against humanity – but they fear the own justice, exactly they wait for death of Bruno and avoid public

Here we started a mission before (expired, but you will find medical details – LINK):

www igg me at heal and take bruno home Scotland


united we conquer

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