_trial gaelic today Bild1“Now it was time to replace useless speeches through deed” Friedrich Hecker 1811-1881

SAFOB = Supporter And Friends Of Bruno

We rescued his life in 2009 as we fetched him to us to UK and supported with diabets medicine, treatment and food. He survived but with eye-kidney damage.

We have to stay anonymous than we were reason why public authority refused food/diabetic treatment. They want to urge that one of us or our German relatives go to office and they find a track to us. Than Bruno was well informed and they assumed that he got insider information.

Stupid! We are/were in IT and no one did touch any file of Bruno. All information were public like social law, German constitution, Human Rights, UN CRPD,…. but ignored by public authority. So they decided: slaugther, kill, murder! Same methods like in III. Reich.

Besides, it is very interesting that no one asked Bruno where we are or started an investigation. We name bureaukrauts & politician MURDERER and all accept this. Certainly, wouzld they investigate, they had to investigate own crime against humanity too. And we name every person a murderer which refuse food, diabetic treatment to a human. Same euthanasia than in III. Reich in the Nazi era!


Contact? Only to:

Bruno Schillinger

Bachstrasse 1

D-79232 March-Holzhausen

ph +49(0)7665-930450 (GMT+1)

ATT their is no one who can read letter so best way is:

Please only phone/call 0049(0)7665-930450 with Bruno Schillinger. Because he can’t read itself at present by the ill-treatment by ARGE / District Office/ Social Court and we are not on site! The authorities denied any assistance, no reading loud machine, or any counselling!


Again we declare: Bruno has never und will never refuse true aid – but he will not accept blackmail by public authority/politician e.g. if you go to your torturer we think about support or about (embezzled) request. Bruno has only his dignity and will not give up it. We know that he never will get any aid and all wait for death.


Bruno ‘I WANT TO LIVE!’ and every human should join ‘Bruno may not die by government order and Pope Francis / church may not shelter his murderers!


further details here (English/German)http://crimeagainsthumanityingermany.wordpress.com/ direct to his murdererhttp://crimeagainsthumanityingermany.wordpress.com/the-murderer-of-bruno/ and here (German) http://5jahrehartz4.wordpress.com/

don’t forget – all is archived since years, including names and WITHOUT any protest – would jsut a coma be wrong, the hangmen had send the special forces against humanity – but they fear the own justice, exactly they wait for death of Bruno and avoid public

Here we started a mission before (expired, but you will find medical details – LINK):

www igg me at heal and take bruno home Scotland


united we conquer

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